That one time I got arrested for cracking the MCdonalds App.

Before I even start, just know that the Mcdonalds Mobile app is in NO way secure and should be avoided at ALL COSTS.

A little bit of boring backstory:

It all started when I decided to pack up my bags and leave Nova Scotia to move to Ontario.

My girlfriend and I left everything we had behind and moved to a new place to be closer to her family, I had nobody and very limited money.

I searched online to no avail searching for some type of ”Money Maker” you know, those get rich quick promise you the world type things…

Anyway, I came across this cracking website I will not name and learned how to use SentryMBA to use codelists to break into things like Facebook, Wifi, Apps etc.


How Mcdonalds came into the picture

Well, to put it simply… I was hungry. Why else does anyone go to Mcdonalds? But for me there was just a little bit more to that.

I literally just called a company I won’t name (Hint: picture golden arches) and asked for a list of emails for accounts, surprisingly enough… It worked!

Next thing I did was get a free list of commonly used passwords and put them both into SentryMBA and began trying them on the website to see if they worked (it does it automatically and very quickly)


Bro, I was about to be rolling in Bigmacs all day long until I was so overweight. Lol I was literally on cloud 9 want to know why?

When I used the list I got access to 100 or more accounts in less than 5 minutes, and they ALL had creditcard information. This meant I could order whatever I want whenever I want.

Oops, they flag the purchases.

I may or may not have made some purchases before being caught for less than 25$, but this one fateful day I purchases two identical orders for over 30$ each which instantly sent the email to the owner who decided to call Mcdonalds and surprise, here I was standing there grinning waiting for my food.

The cops were called and I was arrested on the way home.

I got a court summons, had to admit guilt and eventually paid restitution to have my case dismissed. That all happened today.

Moral of the story

Don’t try to take something that isn’t yours, I don’t care how bad you need it. You don’t know the person on the other end. I know I learned my lesson.

Oh. And also, don’t trust Mcdonalds App, they are super insecure and you could lose your money easily.

I’m not the only one who did this

This is still happening and Mcdonalds is doing nothing to stop it. Just check out this news post from Quebec: NEwS

Out of Ideas.

I’m really out of ideas to write in relevance to this, so I would love to have you ask some questions so that I can respond to the questions and make this article more enjoyable! Thanks again for reading, i’ve got a Starbucks coffee with my name on it.

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