People are using Social Engineering to Fraudulently obtain Amazon goods and heres how…

For the new reader who may not know, here is a quick rundown of what Social Engineering is:

Social Engineering is; by definition: the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

What makes this dangerous?

There are multiple reasons why this can be dangerous to a normal person. There have been so many cases of Identity Theft related to this.


How is it being used to con amazon out of money?

Well, Social Engineering plays on the emotions of people. So Generally what happens is that people order expensive products off of amazon like THIS computer for example.

What happens next?

The crafty con artist will then pay for the item with a credit card and have it delivered to their / someone else’s home.

Once it arrives, amazon has a number that you can call to report any problems with your item.

Con artists will make up story after story of excuses as to why the product didn’t show up / was stolen etc.

Typically, amazon will want you to send the product back for a refund but in special cases they do not require the product.

I don’t believe you! what is an example of an excuse?

Here is a rather simple one I have read about somewhere or other in the past…

Con Artist – ”Hey, I ordered this computer to my home and the person dropped it off without having me sign for it! My poor grandmother couldn’t take it in the home before I got back from work and some kids stole it! Please help me, I really need the money for school!”

Amazon rep – ”I am sorry to hear that, since you have an account in good standing we will send you a new one or process you a full refund first thing tomorrow”

These things happen people and more commonly than you think!

Depending where you stand on Social Engineering, these are the facts and how Con Artists implement them every single day right under the nose of the general public.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, feel free to comment of subscribe to the blog to get notified when I post! I do post daily.

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